Philosophy on Coaching:


Everyone hits tough patches of life. You need some guidance on how best to move forward quickly, or help on  a crucial decision concerning your career or life challenges. There is a plethora of books and tapes on every imaginable subject. What most of these books have in common, is they are someone else’s idea of how to go about things based on the author’s wiring.

When there is a lot at stake, such as professional sports or performing arts, coaching is normally a part of the solution. Why? Because it requires a certain expertise to look at the individual, determine their strengths and develop them in whatever way is necessary to achieve success. You just cannot leave the unique qualities of the individual out of the formula.

So in all coaching, we stress assessment-based analysis first, then coaching and training based on your input on those results. We think any answers that are going to work for you, must come from within you. They must be based on the foundational information of who you are, what you need to be strong, what stresses you out, what fires you up. This is where we start.

Once the hard-wired talents are clarified, then we can get artful and strategic about how to utilize them in order to accomplish realistic objectives.

The focus is on identifying strengths, goals and values. We want to clarify the goals and values. Then we want to develop the strengths as necessary to accomplish the goals and we want to get very strategic about deploying them.

All programs involve the Birkman and Gallup Strengthsfinder, drill down with exercises, and then coach using your strengths as the path toward results. Whether you are a CEO, an MBA student or a high school student ready to choose a college…Everything coaching relation ship we have begins with these steps.


Career Compass

This is a coaching program designed to create an internal career guidance system for an individual that will last for a life time.
This guidance system answers the questions what should I be doing, how do I perform best, what is a right environment, and what are my values so that career and work decisions–small and large–have an objective basis and can be made with confidence on a daily basis.  more

Executive Coaching